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You are welcome to attend a future meeting and see for yourself* – see our Club Diary for details of these.

If you have difficulty in attending the meetings, feel free to contact us by telephone or email for more details.

*Please make arrangements in advance prior by contacting us by telephone or email.

Junior Memberships

Age under 16, requires a Full member to provide supervision of Junior member in club activities (such as parent or legal guardian).

We recognise that Junior members are the Club Members of the future and so we view the Junior Membership in a similar light to an Apprenticeship period.

Associate Memberships

Age 16 and over, can run other Full member locomotives – to run your own locomotive you must be a Full member.

This membership option is for friends, siblings and partners of Full paying members. Similar to Passed Fireman.

Full memberships

Age 18 and over, You are covered to run your own steam engines and locomotives at the track at Daresbury, along with boiler testing and steam test facilities. Similar to a Passed Driver.

This membership option gives you full voting rights at General Meetings, and the privilege of paying a per annum subscription.

Only full members are issued with a share certificate.

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